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Apple: No more 25GB freebie for ex-MobileMe users

Those who once used MobileMe are learning that they have to slash their stored files on iCloud to 5GB, or pay for higher levels of storage.

Apple shuttered MobileMe in favor of iCloud.
Screenshot by Steven Musil/CNET
MobileMe users' 25GB of free iCloud storage is about to run out.

Apple today began notifying former MobileMe customers that their free 25GB iCloud accounts will be reduced to 5GB as of Sept. 30, MacRumors reports. Customers have to free up space or pay for 20GB of additional storage, which costs $40 a year.

Apple earlier this year shuttered MobileMe in favor of its new iCloud storage. The service allows users to back up and store their documents and media on the cloud.

All iCloud users automatically receive 5GB for free, and all music, movies, TV shows, apps and books purchased through iTunes are stored at no cost. To help users transition from MobileMe, Apple offered such customers an additional 20GB of storage for free.

The company originally offered the bonus through June 30, but it extended the free MobileMe offer through the end of September, according to MacRumors.

For higher levels of storage, an additional 10GB costs $20 a year, while adding 20GB costs $40 and 50GB costs $100 a year, according to Apple.

We've reached out to Apple for comment and will update this story when we hear back.