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Apple kicks off WWDC with Jobs speech

As developers gather in San Francisco, they've got two big things on their minds: the iPhone and the Leopard OS.

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As developers gather in San Francisco, they've got two big things on their minds: the iPhone and the Leopard OS.

Apple opens iPhone to developers--kind of

news analysis Developers of third-party applications can build features for iPhone, but only through the Safari browser.
June 12, 2007

Parallels breathes sigh of relief after Jobs' talk

The company was pretty sure Apple wouldn't usurp its Windows-on-Mac approach, but workers were relieved Steve Jobs reiterated that.
June 11, 2007

Apple takes Safari to Windows and iPhone

A beta version of Apple's Web browser is now available for Windows, and budding iPhone developers can use it to create applications.
June 11, 2007

Windows users invited on Safari

Mac maker announces a free public test version of its Web browser for Windows users. Is it destined to be another crossover hit?
June 11, 2007

Podcast: Apple today, Windows tomorrow?

Jobs' remarks contained a little bit of everything, but perhaps the most interesting angle was what the address suggested about Apple's ambitions when it comes to the PC.
June 11, 2007

The smartest move in iPhone pre-history

webware blog With two announcements that didn't receive any of the hype normally associated with the iPhone, Apple may have actually made good on its promise that the iPhone will be revolutionary.
June 11, 2007

Leopard gets leadoff spot in Jobs speech

blog As the WWDC crowd awaits iPhone info, Apple's chief lays out new features in the upcoming OS.
June 11, 2007

Photos: Talking about the new iChat

Apple CEO Steve Jobs shows off an improved iChat, and lending him a hand is our first president, sort of.
June 11, 2007

Video: Apple kicks off WWDC with Jobs speech

Apple CEO Steve Jobs touts new features in Leopard, including a new desktop and revamped Finder.
Video: Big gaming titles ready for Mac OS X
Video: Jobs talks iPhone at WWDC 2007
Video: Leopard to come in different versions?
Video: Jobs announces Safari for Windows
June 11, 2007

EA move means the Mac is back for games

blog That Electronic Arts will be bringing its big-name games to the Mac signals that the platform is being taken seriously by the game industry.
June 11, 2007

Photos: Steve Jobs at Apple WWDC

The CEO strides the stage, showing off 10 new features for the Leopard OS.
June 8, 2007

A new Hollywood pitch for Apple?

blogma Apple and the studios have long had a contentious relationship; are they ready to kiss and make up over DRM?
June 11, 2007

Get ready for the summer of Apple

With the iPhone on deck, it's finally time to see whether Apple's vaunted designers have come up with another winner.
June 8, 2007

Photos: Setting the stage for Apple WWDC

Preparations are in full force at Moscone West in San Francisco, where throngs of Apple developers and fans will descend next week.
June 8, 2007

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Apple TV: Whence the profits?

Analysts' price breakdown of device indicates Apple may be focused more on iTunes profits than unit sales of the set-top box.
June 7, 2007

Apple, AT&T stores prepare for iPhone frenzy

Eager fans are expected to line up outside stores when the new music-playing device hits store shelves June 29.
June 6, 2007

Apple unveils upgraded MacBook Pro laptops

Santa Rosa processors, higher-end graphics cards, memory space and energy-efficiency features part of upgrade announcement.
June 5, 2007