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Apple issues update to Mac OS X server

First update to server addresses flaw that allowed update service to automatically download and host mirrored updates.

Apple issued its first update to the OS X 10.4 server, addressing a flaw that allowed the software update service to automatically download and host mirrored updates.

The computer maker, which earlier this month released an update for its desktop OS X, otherwise known as Tiger, also issued a 10.4.1 update for its server version of the new operating system.

Apple's update also addresses issues with its open directory, file server, mail services and disk imaging, as well as several other things.

With the open directory, the update will fix such issues as an inability to add password hints, and an access control list problem where the computer will not fully start up when bound via Active Directory and hosting multiple services.

The update will also prevent the Apple File Server from stopping unexpectedly when being used simultaneously with server message block (SMB) and common Internet file system (CIFS).