Apple hacking teenager avoids jail time for 'Hacky hack hack'

He's now 19 years old. He's heading to university to study criminology and cyber safety.

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He pleaded guilty to accessing Apple's systems multiple times over a period of two years, but today an Australia teenager (who cannot be named for legal reasons) escaped conviction and will not serve time in prison for hacking Apple. 

The boy accessed Apple's mainframe from his Melbourne home, reportedly because he was a fan of the company and wanted to work there in the future. He was 16 years old when he first gained access.

He downloaded 90GB of data and stored them in a folder on a family computer called "Hacky hack hack".

"Your offending is serious, sustained and sophisticated," the magistrate said, as reported by The Age. "You knew what you were doing was wrong."

The teenager pleaded guilty back in August, but was sentenced Thursday, Sept. 27. No conviction will be recorded, but an eight month probation order will be put in place.

The teenager has since been accepted into university to study criminology and cyber safety.