Apple devices that aren't compatible with iOS 8

Apple's iOS 8 brings a number of new software enhancements to the iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately, a handful of its older mobile devices won't be able to run the update.

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At WWDC 2014, Apple announced the new iOS 8 software. James Martin/CNET

Along with unveiling its Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite operating system, Apple announced the latest update to its popular mobile OS today during a keynote held in San Francisco. Dubbed iOS 8 , the new software includes such features like QuickType predictive text, an interactive notification menu, and more native photo editing tools.

Many of the tech giant's recent mobile products will be able to receive the update. According to Apple, compatible iOS 8 devices include:

Devices that will miss out on the iOS 8 update will be:

In addition to QuickType and new features with the notifications menu and photo app, the refreshed OS brings Spotlight search suggestions, faster access to your favorite contacts with a Home key double-tap, and a bevy of new built-in health tools. For more on the update, read CNET's iOS 8 first take . Developers can get their hands on a beta version of the OS today, while consumers will have to wait until the fall to update.

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