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Another livestream experiment: PocketCaster. Live tonight!

ComVu's PocketCaster competes with UStream and

There's another livestream technology company out there, competing with UStream, (review), and Veodia (review). ComVu's PocketCaster. I tried the mobile version of it yesterday, and it didn't work on my Cingular Blackjack, but the company has a desktop Windows version that I'll be experimenting with tonight at a panel I'm sitting on, at VC Taskforce event called, "Meet the Press."

Technology willing, I'll be live from 7:00pm to 8:30pm Pacific time tonight, April 24.

>> Tune in here <<.

PocketCaster doesn't have a chat function, so it's watch-only mode for viewers, sorry. I'm meeting with ComVu's CEO tomorrow morning and will have more to report after that.

Update: The live stream has ended, but PocketCaster recorded it. Click on the link above for the archives. There are two segments, since the connection dropped in the middle of the event and when I restarted the stream it recorded it to a new file. If you're a PR person and are interested in the topic, watch the segment that was created at 19:18 first, then if you're still awake, the one created at 20:10. The other segment is a fragment that I can't seem to remove from the playlist.