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Angry Birds trilogy coming to a console near you

The game continues the transition from mobile devices: Angry Birds fans will now be able to purchase the popular games for their console too.

Activision and Rovio have confirmed that an Angry Birds trilogy for consoles is under development.

The trilogy will contain the original Angry Birds game, Seasons, and Rio, but will not include the recently released Angry Birds Space.

Angry Birds logo

Designed for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo 3DS, the games will be packaged on one disc or on a cartridge for the 3DS. According to IGN's online store and media reports, the trilogy is pegged for release in December this year.

Rovio's executive vice president of games, Petri Jarvilehto, told IGN that the games have been developed "from the ground up" with HDTVs in mind. According to Jarvilehto, it will contain cinematic extras and as yet undisclosed additional features unique to the console versions of the game, and the graphics will be high-resolution and tailored to large screens.

Jarvilehto confirmed that individual leaderboards will make an appearance on each level.

"The backgrounds have been animated, we've added lighting modes, reactive backgrounds, the list goes on and on," Jarvilehto said. "We believe that there are a lot of people on the consoles who appreciate a great casual game play experience. This is a game that resonates across a wide audience on many platforms."

In addition, the Xbox 360 version will offer Kinect support, the PlayStation 3 version will get PS Move support and StreetPass will be facilitated on the 3DS.

Angry Birds flew to fame after being released for iOS and Android devices. It is now also available as a browser-based game and in a version tailored for Facebook.