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Android Users, You Can Get the iPhone 14's Dynamic Island, Too

This copycat app brings Apple's latest feature to your phone for free.

dynamicSpot on Android
Android users can now have their own Dynamic Island with dynamicSpot.

If you're an Android user who's jealous of the Dynamic Island for Apple's iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, there's an app for you. The app, called DynamicSpot, can give you your own version of the new iPhone feature.

"DynamicSpot gives you [a] Dynamic Island mini multitasking feature, making it easier to access recent notifications or phone status changes," app developer Jawomo writes. "Just tap on the little black popup to open the displayed app, long-press the popup to expand it and view more details."

The app can reportedly be used in conjunction with almost any Android app, including messaging, music and timer apps. You can also customize the app by changing interaction settings and selecting when to show or hide the DynamicSpot popup.

Instead of paying at least $999 for the new iPhone 14 Pro or more for a Pro Max, you can download the basic DynamicSpot app for free from the Google Play Store.

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