Android Jelly Bean following Ice Cream Sandwich?

The next version of Android will be called Jelly Bean, and may well hold all the good stuff we were hoping for in ICS. So what's going on?

Joe Svetlik Reporter
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Joe Svetlik
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Just days ago we brought you news that the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android will be here in October or November, but it seems Google is already thinking about its successor.

The version after ICS is very likely to be called Jelly Bean, according to a source, continuing Google's habit of naming them after sweet things (though Eric Schmidt seemed a little confused where Ice Cream Sandwich got its name). But the bad news? We might not see many of ICS's features until Jelly Bean.

Ice Cream Sandwich is said to bring together the version of Android optimised for tablets (Honeycomb) with the latest mobile version (Gingerbread), though exactly how that'll work, no one really knows. As such, it's still not clear exactly what these 'game changing' features are that we might have to wait until Jelly Bean to play with.

Even the name isn't finalised, so it's all early days yet, and these should be filed under hearsay and conjecture. But realistically, how many desserts are there beginning with J? Jam sponge?

Ice Cream Sandwich should be here in October or November, with Samsung's Nexus Prime said to be the first phone running it. The Nexus Prime is rumoured to have a Super AMOLED screen, and no physical buttons, with all operations performed via the touch display. But there have been conflicting reports, with some saying the screen will be 4.5-inches, others 4.65-inches and curved like that on the Nexus S. So again, details are up in the air.

We'll bring you the concrete facts as soon as we get them. But in the meantime, if you're hungry for more on Ice Cream Sandwich, check out our complete guide.