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Android and Chrome OS won't merge, says Google boss

Eric Schmidt has commented that Google's two operating systems won't merge, but might share features in future.

Google isn't planning to blend Android and Chrome OS into a single operating system soup, according to a new report.

Speaking in India, Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt said that the two platforms would remain separate products, Reuters reports.

The Big G recently appointed Sundar Pichai, the man in charge of Chrome, to run the Android department. Despite that, the two systems won't be moulded into one super-platform, though Schmidt reportedly said that there could be more overlap between the two.

As Techcrunch points out however, Schmidt has previously said that the two systems would eventually become one, saying in 2011 that, "We're working overtime to get those technologies merged in the right way."

While Android is the monstrously popular operating system that powers almost every modern smart phone, Chrome OS is designed for desktop devices, and is -- in essence -- a very pared-down version of the company's Chrome browser.

Unfortunately, devices like the Chromebook range of laptops that run Chrome OS are next to useless unless they have an Internet connection. Despite living on smart phones, Android plays host to many more apps and features, prompting many -- myself included -- to wonder why Google was bothering with two separate operating systems.

Do you think Chrome OS and Android should merge? Or are they better off staying separate? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.