An easy way to port Twitter buddies to FriendFeed

Want to get a quick list of Twitter buddies on FriendFeed? Check out Twitter-to-FriendFeed sync. A simple Web app that cross-references for you.

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Josh Lowensohn

Twitter-to-FriendFeed Contact Sync is a simple, but useful tool to find Twitter buddies who are on FriendFeed. If you're considering FriendFeed, this is a great way to automatically populate your subscriptions list with people you may already be following elsewhere.

It works by tapping into your Twitter friends list and cross-referencing your follows with FriendFeed users. By giving it your FriendFeed nickname and API key (which can be found here), it will provide you with simple one-click subscription buttons that can be clicked without taking you off the page.

In case you're hesitant about giving out your security credentials for two different services, worry not. That app simply uses them for that single session authentication after which they're wiped clean from the server. In fact, a simple refresh of the page clears everything.

(via ReadWriteWeb's FriendFeed room)

Just plug in your Twitter and FriendFeed subscriptions and it it lets you know where there is any crossover. To subscribe you simply click one button. CNET Networks