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Amelio replaces Spindler as Apple CEO

National Semiconductor chief Gilbert Amelio replaces CEO Michael Spindler, according to Apple officials.

Apple Computer confirmed this evening that company CEO Michael Spindler is being replaced by National Semiconductor chief Gilbert Amelio. Amelio resigned from National Semiconductor earlier in the day.

"It's a very good choice. His management style is not to go into a siege mentality and just try to cut costs," said Pieter Hartsook, a veteran Apple analyst and editor of The Hartsook Letter.

Apparently, Amelio is also savvy to the politics at Apple. "Supposedly he will also assume chairman of the board status, and that raises his value in my eyes," said Hartsook. "The fact that he understands the need for complete control bodes well."

Hartsook did have one word of caution. "The only yellow flag is that [Amelio's] experience in turnarounds is with Nat Semi, which is a much smaller company than Apple, although they have about the same number of employees. The question is, can he manage [Apple] which is six times larger than National Semiconductor?"