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Amazon's private-label diapers are back

The company pulled its Amazon Elements diapers in 2014 and they hadn't returned since.

Ben Fox Rubin Former senior reporter
Ben Fox Rubin was a senior reporter for CNET News in Manhattan, reporting on Amazon, e-commerce and mobile payments. He previously worked as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal and got his start at newspapers in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts.
Ben Fox Rubin
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Three years later, Amazon's private-label diapers are back.


Amazon has finally brought back its own private-label diapers, though this time under a new name.

The e-commerce giant quietly launched the new diapers at sizes newborn and 1 to 6 on its US website, but the products are currently available by invite only.

The diapers are offered under the new Mama Bear private-label name -- which is used to sell diaper pail refills, baby food and baby laundry detergent -- instead of the prior Amazon Elements name.

"We want to build the Mama Bear brand with customers and are excited to hear their feedback as we continue working hard to bring them products we think they will love," an Amazon spokeswoman said in an emailed statement Tuesday.

After the company released its Amazon Elements diapers in late 2014, it ended up pulling the product from its store just a few weeks later because of poor "consumer feedback." Amazon at the time said it would make design changes to the diapers. Instead, three years passed and it only relaunched the product now.

Amazon has started selling a bunch of new private-label products just ahead of the holiday shopping season, including the furniture brands Rivet and Stone & Beam, which Amazon said launched Tuesday, and its activewear lines Rebel Canyon and Peak Velocity, according to Bloomberg. Private-label diapers have been expected to return, especially as Amazon has continually developed more of its own brands.

These private-label lines could give Amazon more control over the stuff it sells on its site and give its customers more reasons to shop there for exclusive items. These products could boost Amazon's profits, too. Private-label portfolios tend to have higher profit margins than brand-name goods because the companies save on advertising and brand development.

The new diapers launched last week and are made by Kimberly Clark, according to a person familiar with the new products.

The diapers are currently priced from18 cents to 38 cents per diaper, depending on size, and come in both bear print and white print. 

An order of Mama Bear size 2 includes 184 diapers for 22 cents per diaper, or $39.69 total. In comparison, Huggies Little Snugglers size 2 on Amazon are currently priced at 20 cents per diaper for an order of 186, totaling $37.04.

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