Amazon's pilots reign supreme on Instant Video

The shows, which were submitted by both professionals and up-and-comers, took up eight of the top 10 spots in Amazon's most-streamed clips.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
Amazon's new shows.
Amazon's new shows. Amazon

Amazon's pilot programs launched last week, and already they're making an impact on the e-retailer's streaming video service.

Amazon said today that over this past weekend, eight of the 10 most-streamed episodes on its Instant Video service came from the new TV pilots it launched last week.

Amazon claims that it combed through more than 4,000 submissions for its Amazon Studios division, which will produce original series for its streaming service. Out of that, it chose to make 14 pilots. The shows range in type from comedies -- including one starring John Goodman, named "Alpha House" -- to children's shows. Now that the pilots have aired, Amazon will decide whether it wants to move forward with full seasons.

Amazon did not say today whether it will green-light any of the shows for full seasons.