Amazon's key weapon in cloud music wars: Lady Gaga

Internet retailer is selling downloads of the pop star's new album for 99 cents in a one-day-only offer.

Larry Dignan

What do you do if you're Amazon and you have to dent Apple's iTunes juggernaut and its upcoming launch of its cloud music service? Compete on price--early and often.

That's what Amazon is doing in spades today. Its 99 cent one-day offer for Lady Gaga's new album is exactly what it should be doing if it's going to grab some of Apple's market share. And guess what? You fork over 99 cents. You get Lady Gaga's album, which I had no intention of buying until it was 99 cents. And you get 20GB of Amazon's cloud storage.

Meanwhile, you may stick around despite a few server glitches. You may even stick with Amazon's Cloud Player and buy more storage in the future.

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