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Amazon Web Services Launches New Cloud Computing Training Courses

The new courses are offered as part of a new subscription model.

Zachary McAuliffe Staff writer
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Zachary McAuliffe
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AWS logo on a smartphone

AWS will now offer new skill courses as part of new subscription models.

Angela Lang/CNET

If you or your team are looking to learn or enhance your cloud computing skills, Amazon Web Services launched some new hands-on training courses Tuesday as part of its new AWS Skill Builder Individual and Team subscription programs. 

Amazon announced a line of free cloud training skills programs in November. The new courses offered through the subscription plans will build off the AWS Skill Builder program offered as part of those free programs, giving access to exclusive content and letting you learn AWS services with hands-on activities. 

Individual subscription plans offer things like three exam prep courses, three AWS Certification Practice Exams and over 100 AWS Builder Labs. Team subscription plans includes content in the individual plans plus progress reports and over 140 challenges as part of AWS Jam events.

AWS chart showing how plans differ

How the different AWS programs stack up.

Amazon Web Services

Sébastien Stormacq wrote in a blog post for Amazon that many AWS customers don't use cloud computing because of a lack of trained IT professionals. 

"To close the skills gap, we want to give learners hands-on experience with cloud technologies," he wrote. 

Individual prices start at $29 a month and $299 a year. Team prices start at $449 a year for each team member, with teams constituting over 50 people. After 100 people in a team, prices drop to $299 a year per person for up to 1,000 people. Prices drop again after 1,000 people to $149 a year per person. 

The individual subscriptions are available in over 200 countries and territories, and team subscriptions are available in 17 countries. 

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