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Amazon spruces up its Cloud Drive Photos app

The Android version of the app offers easier navigation, among other benefits.

My Kitties album in Amazon Cloud Drive Photos. Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Amazon has enhanced its Cloud Drive Photos app, but so far the improvements extend only to the Android version.

Through Cloud Drive Photos, you can upload and sync photos on your computer or mobile device to your Amazon Cloud Drive storage space. You also can tell the app to automatically upload any photos you snap with your mobile device.

Debuting Wednesday in Google Play, version 3.0 of Cloud Drive Photos lets you more easily view your photos either by album or all in one shot. You can easily switch from one view to another and sort your albums and photos by date or name.

The app also now shows the progress of photo uploads, both automatic and manual. Amazon has even added the usual mix of unidentified bug fixes, so hopefully the app will run smoother.

Cloud Drive Photos is also available for iOS devices. But none of new features and improvements have yet to reach iPhone and iPad users.