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Amazon releases new TenMarks math education app for Kindle

The company plays catchup with Apple on the education front with its recently acquired education app's debut on the Kindle Fire tablet.

Donna Tam Staff Writer / News
Donna Tam covers Amazon and other fun stuff for CNET News. She is a San Francisco native who enjoys feasting, merrymaking, checking her Gmail and reading her Kindle.
Donna Tam

A TenMarks Kindle Fire app equation. Screenshot by Donna Tam/CNET

Amazon released a TenMarks education app on Monday, the first visible product from the two companies since Amazon bought the math tool more than five months ago.

The new app, which covers the TenMarks Summer Math Program, made its debut on the Amazon Appstore as a free app. Previously, the program cost $39 per student and was only available online or as an iPad app.

The e-commerce company, like other tech giants, want to conquer the education market. Tapping into young users builds brand loyalty and means a toehold in a massive institution. When Amazon bought TenMarks in October, VP of Devices Dave Limp said in a release that "tens of thousands of schools" have used the TenMarks math programs.

The math program provides math assignments, video lessons and real-time tutoring for first grade math through Algebra 2 and Geometry. The app promises a "personalized summer math program," that also provides custom rewards for students.

So far, Apple's ubiquity in the tablet market -- thanks to the success of the iPad -- has made iOS the dominant platform for education apps. But Android's growing presence, through various device makers, is vying for that market. Amazon, which runs a forked version of Android, has made other efforts in education, including Whispercast, a free online tool that lets schools and businesses manage a fleet of Kindle tablets and wirelessly distribute Kindle books, documents and apps. Overall, the e-commerce giant's tablet focuses on kid-friendly features and education through its FreeTime mode.