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Amazon: Kindle Fire update coming

Plagued by performance complaints, the recently launched tablet will get an over-the-air update in the next two weeks, the Internet retailer tells The New York Times

Amazon's new tablet is still on fire.
Owners Amazon's new tablet can expect a software update in the next two weeks.

Just a month after the Kindle Fire's launch, owners of the Amazon tablet can expect a software update to address performance issues.

Users have complained about problems accessing Wi-Fi networks and the Internet, slow and erratic scrolling, and inefficient apps.

However, it appears the online retailer is planning a software update to address customers' concerns.

"In less than two weeks, we're rolling out an over-the-air update to Kindle Fire," Drew Herdener, a company spokesman, told The New York Times. The update is expected to address privacy issues, as well as navigation sluggishness. However, he didn't say whether the update would address other customer complaints. Amazon representatives did not immediately respond to a request for additional information.

The Kindle Fire, which launched on November 14 as a potential "iPad killer," is estimated to have sold more than 2 million units, but the Android-powered tablet has been plagued by performance complaints from owners. Some Fire tablet owners complain they can't connect to their Wi-Fi networks, while others say they can connect to their routers but can't access the Internet. Other complain of a lack of privacy on the device's OS.