Alarmd: The most expensive, non-energy-efficient alarm clock ever

Turn your Web browser into an alarm clock.

Josh Lowensohn Former Senior Writer
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Josh Lowensohn

Instead of a beautiful desktop, you can replace it with an alarm clock that will wake you up with YouTube videos, Last.fm stations, and MP3s. CNET Networks

Your computer might be able to help cure cancer, or run fancy shmancy high-end games, but let's face it, that high-resolution display would make a really great-looking alarm clock. User interface programmer Zach Leatherman seems to have had the same thought, and has designed a very Webby desktop alarm clock service called Alarmd that runs right in your browser. It gives you a few options to choose how you want your slumber interrupted, like music from Last.fm, a video from YouTube, or a hosted MP3.

Users can set alarms for any day of the week, and keep track of the upcoming ones in a small queue. Once an alarm goes off, there are two fairly simple ways to disable it. One is to click the large "Kill It" warning box. The far easier option is to mash at the keyboard, which is how you're likely to respond to something like this.

There are some obvious advantages to using a regular alarm clock over your computer, including cheaper batteries, less crashing, and the cost of replacement if thrown off the nightstand.

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