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Airbnb offers a sleepless night in shark-infested waters

Good luck getting a good night's rest while you're in a transparent underwater chamber with circling sharks.

Airbnb with sharks
Get ready to sleep with the fishes.

Sometimes a regular Airbnb just isn't good enough. You want more excitement in your life. Well, you're in luck. Airbnb, the short-term room and home rental service, is offering an opportunity to spend a night inside a shark aquarium.

Your fellow housemates will include 35 sharks at the Aquarium de Paris in France. The space is described as "a peaceful enclosure with a large cylindrical bed and breathtaking, immersive views of your new sharp-toothed friends."

The underwater space is fortified with a 360-degree transparent wall. You get a personal welcome from a world-record-breaking free diver and a tour of the aquarium along with your stay. You and your guest are required to be "medically fit" and able to climb in and out of the submerged room. Your combined weight can't be more than 418 pounds (190 kilograms).

The best part of the listing is the description of its owner, a "pet owner," having "other pet(s)." There are some stringent house rules. You can't eat the chum, there's absolutely no diving and there are no selfies allowed after dark. It's also recommended that you don't watch "Jaws" prior to your stay.

Unfortunately, this is not a regular Airbnb offering you can just book anytime. Potential guests need to enter by April 3 to win a night inside the aquarium, including airfare. The contest requires a very short essay (550 characters or less) about yourself, where you live and "why you belong with the sharks for a night."

The cozy but frightening chamber will host guests April 11 to 13, so if you win, you better be prepared to book your travel right away. You might also want to pack a suit of anti-shark chain mail. Just in case.

Airbnb and shark room

Sweet dreams.