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After Germany's rout of Brazil, jokes fly on Facebook, Twitter

No stranger to insensitivity, social media pours some salt in Brazil's wounds with a deluge of wisecracks.

El Tiempo posted this meme to its Facebook timeline.El Tiempo

In a crushing defeat Tuesday, home team Brazil lost its semi-final game to Germany with a stunning 7-1 score. While Germans are partying, Brazilians are sadly coming to terms with their team's loss.

Known for its lack of sensitivity to hurt feelings, social media was inundated with jokes, images, and memes about Germany's thrashing of Brazil. Facebook and Twitter saw tens of thousands of users post, comment, and use hashtags about the game.

Most social media jokes focused on poking fun at Brazil. For example, a lot of Twitter users have tweeted, "How many goals did Germany score: A Brazillion," and "Brazil have Neymar. Portugal have Ronaldo, Argentina have Messi and Germany have a team."

Brazil's defeat was especially devastating because the country's star player Neymar had to sit out due to a broken vertebra he sustained during last week's match against Colombia.

Before Tuesday's game against Germany, Neymar took to Facebook to say that as he watches from the sidelines he'll be hoping to see his team play in the finals at Maracana stadium in Rio next week. Since Brazil's loss, Neymar has stayed mum on social media.

He has been the subject of several memes, however. One popular meme is an image of the player holding a can of 7-Up with captions like "Neymar even predicted tonight's score."

After Tuesday's game, Facebook tallied up its interactions and a Facebook spokesperson told CNET that "it was the highest level of conversation on Facebook for any single World Cup match to date." In all, 66 million people around the world posted more than 200 million interactions, which includes posts, comments, and likes. Brazil was the most active country on Facebook with 16 million people posting more than 52 million interactions -- that's about 25 percent of all activity.

Brazil's loss to Germany means that for the second time in history the country has lost the World Cup on its home turf. The first defeat was in the finals against Uruguay in 1950. After that game, Brazilians reportedly went into a decades-long society-wide depression.

CNET also contacted Twitter for statistics on social media interactions during and after Tuesday's game. We'll update the story when we get more information.

Updated at 9:10 p.m. PT with details on Facebook social media interactions during the Brazil vs. Germany game.