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Adobe Kuler: a tool for some, fun for me

Kuler is an easy-to-use but advanced color creation tool that's great for designers. It's also fun for people who just like playing around with color wheels.

Kuler is a free tool from Adobe Labs that lets users design and share color schemes for use in Web sites or other projects. If you've ever designed a Web site or PowerPoint presentation before, you know that choosing a color scheme is often trial and error. Kuler lets you tune up to five different colors at once and makes the process surprisingly easy, allowing users to simply adjust selectors over a large color wheel. Users can then go deeper, adjusting the finer details of a color, and Kuler makes small adjustments to make sure the other colors will be compatible.

For nondesigners, Kuler is still fun to play around with. If you end up creating any color sets you want to use, you can save and export them to use with any of Adobe's Creative Suite 2 applications. For home-improvement enthusiasts, Kuler provides extensive color information like CMYK and RGB values, which your local paint store might be able to match.

Kuler runs right in your browser. Try it here.

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