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Adobe Creative Suite 3 to be unveiled this month

Company will introduce the latest overhaul of its publishing suite on March 27, but is keeping many details under wraps until then.

Adobe Systems plans to launch Creative Suite 3 later this month, marking the largest software release in the company's 25-year history.

Creative Suite 3, an overhaul of its publishing applications, is scheduled for introduction on March 27, the company confirmed in a blog posting on Monday. The software will begin shipping in the spring.

CS3 will offer the capability for developers to design dynamic frames that automatically format images. A number of CS3 features and suite configurations, however, will not be disclosed until the product's launch, Adobe said.

Some CS3 details, however, have emerged over the past several months. A new version of InDesign will be part of the suite, which aims to allow users to import multiple images in one step, the software maker said. Adobe is hoping to use this feature to attract developers away from its rival Quark.

And in December, Adobe released a beta version of its Photoshop CS3. The software is designed to run on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs.