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AccuWeather mashes forecast tool into Google Maps announces a Google Maps add-on to let you glance at a three-day weather forecast while asking for directions.

Google Maps has worked hard to place just about every capability you'd want when you stare at a map into its Web app. That includes the ability for third-party developers to ornament Google's maps with their own KML, or keyhole markup language, mapplets. for Google Maps
CNET Networks announced today its Forecast Snapshot for Google Maps. The add-on slips into the MyMaps tab of a user account and offers multiple ways to fetch the weather forecast while fixating on a particular locale.

Click the map, or enter the ZIP code or city into the search bar to grab meteorological data in Celsius or Fahrenheit. displays a three-day forecast in the sidebar and on the map face, but the widgetlike qualities stop there. Clicking for compressed or extended forecasts, animated radar, or anything else opens new tabs on

Refreshing the forecast is a little clunky since you'll have to remember to click the map or duplicate your search in AccuWeather's box. Still, it's handy to see the weather report integrated with a directions field right on the map.

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