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A Life On Facebook film premieres online, as messages set for upgrade

A Life On Facebook tells the story of one man's life told in status updates and holiday snaps, likes and pokes and broken hearts.

Facebook is gearing up for another announcement next week, set to shake up the social network's messages system. In the meantime, a short film has appeared that chronicles the story of a life -- as seen through the lens of a Facebook profile.

A Life On Facebook tells the story of average chap Alex Droner as he joins Facebook, makes lots of friends and has a couple of relationships before he pokes the woman of his dreams. It's one man's life story told in status updates and holiday snaps, likes and pokes and broken hearts, all set to the Rolling Stones classic Paint It, Black.

It reminds us of the Google Wave videos of scenes from Pulp Fiction and Good Will Hunting. The video was directed by animator Maxime Luère, and follows on the heels of Hollywood geekbuster The Social Network. Facebook has been on something of a charm offensive since the film came out, unveiling Places, privacy tweaks and Groups. In among these incremental upgrades, rumours have swirled of a Facebook phone.

Facebook is set to make the announcement on Monday in San Francisco. The icons in the invitation suggest the press conference will revolve around messaging. Could Facebook be preparing a new design for its clunky inbox and messages? We'll find out on Monday at 6pm, Blighty time.

What changes do you want to see in the Facebook messaging system? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.