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18 most anticipated tech products of 2010

What gadgets are going to be hot in 2010? Here's our list of the most high-profile products we're eager to get our hands on this year.

Dell is releasing an Android phone this year that's sure to be heavily scrutinized.

Back in December, I did roundup of the most notable tech products for 2009. Well, looking back is nostalgic and all, but looking forward is more fun.

Since many companies like to keep future new releases under tight wraps so they don't short-circuit sales of their current products, we can't predict what all the new hot gadgets will be this year. But we did see a fair amount of intriguing stuff at this year's CES in Vegas and we know that plenty of sequels to today's popular products are on the way--whether the company wants you to know it or not.

Here's our list. As always feel free to voice your opinion. And if you don't like our selections, suggest new ones. Right now, we're at 18 picks (they're listed in random order), but I've left a few slots open for reader contributions. Make a good case and I'll add the product to the slideshow. Click on link below (or any image) to begin the slideshow.

18 most anticipated tech products of 2010