Reddit Recap shows your top posts, favorite subreddits: How to find yours

Take a look back at your time on Reddit in 2021.

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What's in your Reddit Recap

What's in your Reddit Recap? 

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Reddit joins Spotify, Instagram and YouTube Music in giving people a look back at how they spent their time on the platform in 2021. The Reddit Recap shows which subreddits you spent the most time in, how many awards you received and the amount of scrolling you did as measured by bananas. 

Reddit released the Reddit Recap for 2021 on Friday, providing people with interesting stats accumulated throughout the year. This is the first time the social media platform compiled this info for users to see. 

How can I view my Reddit Recap? 

You can visit the Reddit Recap 2021 page directly or check your Reddit inbox for a message with a link to the page itself. For those who use the official Reddit app, click on your profile and click on the "Recap" thought bubble above your avatar. Reddit says the app needs to be on the latest update in order to view the recap. 

What's in my Reddit Recap?

There are 12 points of information users will find in their recap with info obtained up to Nov. 30. They are: 

  • New communities you joined
  • The amount of scrolling done as measured by bananas lying end to end
  • What subreddit you helped to make popular
  • What popular subreddit you began participating in 
  • How much time you spent on Reddit Public Access Network
  • What popular post you were the first one to upvote
  • How much karma you received (karma is Reddit's measurement of the positive votes you get on posts and comments)
  • What communities gave you the most karma
  • Which of your post had the most upvotes
  • What comment of yours had the most upvotes
  • How many awards you received
  • Which communities you spent the most time in 

To finish things off, Reddit also shows a digital trading card with your stats and suggests three communities you may want to participate in during 2022.