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Helite B'Safe at CES is a bike vest with airbags to protect you in a fall

But you should still wear a helmet.


The Helite B'Safe is a bike vest with airbags.

Patrick Holland/CNET

Helite, the French company behind protective motorcycle and ski jackets with built-in airbags, now has a protective vest for cyclists that uses the same technology. Helite B'Safe is a smart airbag vest that protects bike riders in case of accident.

Helite first came to our attention at last year's CES when it shared the Hip'Air (now the Hip'Safe), a pair of airbags inside a belt that deploys when someone falls to protect their hips. Now the company is focused on reducing the injuries cyclists experience when they fall during a ride.

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B'Safe uses two sensors: one mounted on your bike's saddle post and the other inside the vest. The saddle sensor detects shocks from the surface you're riding on as well as its proximity to the vest sensor, which analyzes driver position and speed.

It takes 60 milliseconds for the sensors to detect a fall and 80ms for the airbags to inflate.

The vests themselves have a Patagonia look and come in black or neon yellow. Its price is expected to be around $700 (roughly £545 or AU$975) and will be available next spring in the US and Europe.

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