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Helite Hip'Air is a belt with airbags to protect your hips

Airbags for your saddlebags.

These airbags are designed to protect your hips in case of a fall.
Josh Miller/CNET

Hip injuries can be deadly, and it takes nothing more than a simple fall to get one. But at a tiny booth at CES in a Mandalay Bay Hotel ballroom, a woman wearing fluorescent airbags around her waist had the answer: the Hip'Air.

The Hip'Air deployed.


She was from a French company called Helite that specializes in wearable airbags built into clothes for skiers, motorcyclists and horse riders.

The Hip'Air looks like a fanny pack, but is filled with sensors, a battery, airbags and an air cartridge. When a sensor detects a fall, the airbags deploy to break a person's fall.

The Hip'Air has a battery life of a week and is designed to be reusable.

Hip'Air has been in development for 10 years after one of Helite's founders saw the horrible effects a broken hip had on a relative. The company has been working with nursing homes in France to develop the product.

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The Hip'Air will be available in Europe this spring for €600, which converts to $720, £530 and AU920. It will be available in the US starting in the fall.

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