Apple hit with lawsuit over Watch 'pop, crack, or shatter' issue

In a recently filed class action suit, the swelling battery problem rears its ugly head -- again.

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An exhibit of a busted Apple Watch from the class-action complaint.

Kenneth Sciacca

Apple's been served with another class-action suit, this time over the the screen of the Apple Watch's tendency to reportedly "crack, shatter, or detach from the body of the Watch ... through no fault of the wearer, oftentimes only days or weeks after purchase." 

The blog Patently Apple noticed the suit filing this week, in which the plaintiffs are seeking $5 million in damages and claiming that the "defect" affects all Apple Watches since the original in 2015 but Apple has never admitted there's a problem. The blog says Apple has attributed some issues to batteries swelling and placing pressure on the screen.

Battery swelling can be a problem with consumer electronics in general, and Apple's woes go back at least as far as 2009 when there was a problem with MacBook Pro batteries and as recently as October 2017, when people started reporting battery swelling in the iPhone 8 Plus. You can toss this one on the pile with the group of iPhone slowdown suits from January and the more recent one of the poor design of the recent MacBook keyboards.

You can read the full complaint at the link below.


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