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Garmin's New Handheld GPS Devices Offer Boosted Battery Life and Improved Positional Accuracy

The GPSMap 67 Series and eTrex SE are available now.

Garmin GPSMap 67/GPSMap 67i and eTrex SE
Garmin GPSMap 67/GPSMap 67i and eTrex SE

Garmin on Tuesday announced new additions to its lineup of GPS handhelds in the form of the GPSMap 67 Series and the eTrex SE. The new outdoor navigation devices offer longer battery life than their predecessors as well as improved positional accuracy for added peace of mind when out on the trails.

With prices from $500, GPSMap 67 and GPSMap 67i are an upgrade to the previous-gen GPSMap 66 Series. A headline improvement over the older devices is a battery life bump to up to 180 hours in standard mode and up to 840 hours in expedition mode. That's up from a maximum of 450 hours in the GPSMap 66i, a boon whether you simply want to charge the device less frequently between hikes or plan to take it on days-long expeditions. 

Both 67 Series models offer a 3-inch color display that's designed to be readable in sunlight. Access to preloaded TopoActive mapping from Garmin is included and you can use the display to view satellite imagery. The devices also feature multiband GNSS support that will help with coverage in challenging areas, a three-axis compass and barometric altimeter. GPSMap 67 Series devices are compatible with Garmin's $50 per year premium mapping subscription, Outdoor Maps Plus, which had previously only been available with pricier Montana 700 handhelds. The differentiating feature of the $600 GPSMap 67i is its built-in InReach technology that enables SOS functionality as well as two-way messaging and location tracking via the global Iridium satellite network. 

If $500 and up is steep for the limited off-road adventures you partake in, the eTrex SE is a more affordable pick at $150. It has multi-GNSS, as well as a 2.2-inch high-contrast display, digital compass and rugged build that is design to withstand the outdoor elements so you can use it to view waypoints and track your location as you explore. Rather than being rechargeable, it is powered by two AA batteries, which should offer around a week of battery life. All three of the new devices can be paired with the Garmin Explore app for active weather reports and for planning out routes ahead of time.