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Xbox Game Pass Subscribers Get Access to Riot Games' Biggest Titles Soon

Subscribers also get big perks with each game.

The Riot Games titles coming to Xbox Game Pass
The games will be available for PC and mobile subscribers.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to play Riot Games' biggest titles, like League of Legends and Valorant, on PC and mobile starting at 1 p.m. PT inn Monday, Dec. 12, Microsoft and Riot Games announced Thursday.

Subscribers will gain access to each game's full roster of current and future characters. Also, if you link your Riot and Xbox Game Pass accounts before Jan. 1 you will receive additional perks and items for each game, like a Masterwork chest and key in League of Legends. 

There will be instructions on Xbox Game Pass to help you connect your two accounts starting on Monday. You can also find those instructions on Riot Games' website.

Microsoft and Riot Games announced their partnership in June. The companies said then that Riot Games' catalogue would be available on Xbox Game Pass, but they didn't say when.

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