Say goodbye to EA's Tetris games on your phone

Electronic Arts's versions of the game disappear from Google's Play Store and will be removed from Apple's App Store in April.

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EA's Tetris games may be falling by the wayside, but N3twork is stepping in to save the day.


Farewell, EA Tetris: This week, developer Electronic Arts removed Tetris 2011 and Tetris Blitz from the Google Play Store and left a note to fans in the Apple App Store informing players that the Tetris apps will be "retired" and "no longer available for play" as of April 21. 

EA  didn't give a reason for the decision to take the popular retro game off the mobile platforms, but it's likely due to licensing, Engadget reported. "We have had an amazing journey with you so far but sadly, it is time to say goodbye," EA said in an emailed statement. You can still play Tetris as usual on your iPhone until April 21, the note added. 

The void or void-to-be has already been filled, though. 

On Thursday, developer N3twork said that its version of Tetris -- the regular version of the game -- is now available for free in the App Store and Play Store. This one includes intuitive swipe controls with haptic feedback built in, as well as online and offline play, according to the company.

In addition, Tetris Royale, a multiplayer, last-person-standing version of the game from N3twork and The Tetris Company, is in development for mobile now. And if you have a Nintendo Switch , you can play Tetris 99 there. 

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Originally published Jan. 22. Update, Jan. 23: Added information about N3twork's Tetris app.

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