Tetris Royale is Tetris 99 meets mobile, and it's now in the works

Gaming company N3twork is developing a mobile rival to the Nintendo Switch battle royale game.

CNET News staff

This is not Tetris Royale. Or Tetris 99. (Just fyi.) It's a decidedly analog version of Tetris, in the form of a lamp (at a pop-up comic book shop in Canada). Looks like it might be mobile though.

Rene Johnston/Getty Images

Nintendo's Tertris 99 battle royale game for its Switch console may soon have a mobile doppelgänger: Tetris Royale. Gaming firm N3twork, in partnership with The Tetris Company, is developing its own multiplayer, last-person-standing version of the classic (and classically addicting) fit-the-falling-blocks-together game. A beta version for iPhones , iPads and Android phones will arrive this year, says a release from the companies.

For the uninitiated, Nintendo's Tetris 99 is a battle royale game like Fortnite. The gameplay looks like the dropping-blocks Tetris you know, just with 98 other players trying to lay down bricks alongside you. Every time you get two lines or more, you send garbage from your screen to the bottom of other players' screens. Players get knocked out until only one remains. CNET has called it one of the best games on the Switch.

The new mobile, Tetris Royale version from N3twork "will feature a variety of game modes, from the hallmark 100-player Tetris Royale mode to massive daily competitions of thousands of players to solo Marathon mode where players can hone their Tetris skills," says the release.

Players in Tetris Royale mode can tackle daily challenges to nab rewards like power-ups and boosters that can be used in competition, as well as customization options, the release says.