Resident Evil 4 Remake Coming March 2023

Leon is coming back.

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Resident Evil 4 remake is coming. 


Resident Evil 4 will receive the remake treatment, as revealed in Thursday's PlayStation State of Play. The short clip revealed the updated graphics for the popular Resident Evil game and the release date of March 24, 2023, for the PS5. It will also have content for Sony's virtual reality hardware, the PSVR2.  

Capcom remade the previous three Resident Evil games starting in 2002 with a remake of the first Resident Evil game. It wasn't until 2019 that the remake of Resident Evil 2 was released, with the Resident Evil 3 remake coming out the following year. 

Resident Evil 4 is notable as being the entry in the franchise that changed much of the formula. Gone were the tank-like controls and fixed-camera viewpoints, replaced with more action controls and an over-the-shoulder view, which are both common in modern games. The fourth game in the series also left Racoon City, the fictional city that was ground zero of the zombie outbreak from the first game. 

Sony's State of Play Thursday also showed the latest entry to the series Resident Evil Village will also come to PSVR2. 

Capcom said the Resident Evil 4 remake will also come out for the Xbox Series X|S and PC.