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CES 2019: Razer Turret brings a little WASD to your Xbox One

This console-ready keyboard-and-mouse combo will cost a hefty $250.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Even with Microsoft recently announcing official keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One, we haven't seen a stampede of people hooking up PC gear to consoles. Razer hopes to change that with the now-available Razer Turret system. In fact, it's a central part of Razer's CES 2019 showcase. 

Originally announced late last year, the Turret is now officially on sale for $250 (£250). It's a keyboard with Chroma lights and built-in mousepad, plus a wireless mouse. The mousepad can slide in and out, hiding itself away completely or providing a decent bit of mouse real estate. (Razer has used the same name for other products in the past.)

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Because console gamers are more creature of the couch than the desk, the system is designed to be at least slightly adaptable to being used on your lap. There's a magnetic connection between the mouse and pad that will help keep the mouse from flying out of your hand. 

Cleverly, it's strongest at the very far edge of the mousepad, so much so that you can hold the Turret almost vertical and have it stay in place.

The Turret connects to an Xbox One via a USB dongle, and the same dongle can be used to hook it up to a PC as well. Xbox games that are offering early keyboard and mouse support include Vermintide 2, Roblox and, of course, Fortnite. 

Also new from Razer at CES 2019 are the Razer Blade 15 Advanced, now with Nvidia RTX graphics, and the Razer Raptor 27-inch gaming display. 

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