The Razer Eracing Simulator probably costs more than your car

This insanely immersive video-game setup includes motorized seat movement and a huge curved projection screen.

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Dan Ackerman

Razer is known for its sometimes fanciful concept pieces and prototypes of laptops and gaming gear. But this year, the company isn't even pretending its big, flashy showpiece is something that could someday be in stores. Instead, the Razer Eracing Simulator concept is a high-end racing seat and display that it might at some point build on a case-by-case basis for esports racing leagues it partners with. 

The Eracing Simulator combines a hydraulic racing seat, a projection screen and a high-end gaming wheel and pedals into a single gigantic product. The version Razer will be showing off this week at CES 2020 plays the Project Cars Pro racing sim. 

Razer describes the setup like this: "The center core sits on a motion platform powered by two actuators and a gaming control box for a professional racing training setup that maps terrain surfaces, G-force and sounds into motion." 

Meanwhile, the 128-inch curved projection screen offers a 202-degree field of view and a separate motor will contract the racing harness (you know, the seatbelt) as you drive, simulating the G-force of taking a sharp corner. 

The Razer Eracing Simulator concept will be on display this week at Razer's CES 2020 booth. 

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