Pokemon Go Is Adding 'Apex' Shadow Pokemon During Its Johto Tour Event

More powerful versions of Shadow Lugia and Shadow Ho-Oh are coming to Pokemon Go.

Kevin Knezevic Former staff writer
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Kevin Knezevic

Players will soon have their first chance to catch Apex Shadow versions of Ho-Oh and Lugia.


Pokemon Go's big Johto Tour event takes place this weekend, and it's introducing new, "Apex Shadow" forms of two fan-favorite legendary Pokemon.

Players who participate in the upcoming event will have their first chance to capture Apex Shadow Lugia and Apex Shadow Ho-Oh. The two legendary Pokemon are even more powerful than their regular Shadow forms, boasting buffed up versions of their signature attacks (Aeroblast and Sacred Fire, respectively) that can be further strengthened once the Pokemon are purified.

You can encounter both Apex Shadow legendaries through the game's newest Masterwork Research quest line, which will unlock if you are able to complete the Johto Tour's Special Research story. Like many other features of the event, the Special Research story is only accessible to ticket holders. You can purchase a virtual ticket for the event through Pokemon Go's item shop for $12.

The Johto Tour takes place on Saturday, Feb. 26, and celebrates the original Pokemon Gold and Silver games. Ticket holders will be able to choose between Gold and Silver "versions" of the event, with some different Pokemon appearing depending on which you select. The following day, Pokemon Go will host a handful of in-person events at select locations.

Ahead of the Johto Tour, Pokemon Go is holding a Poke Ball Pep Rally event that introduces Hisuian Electrode to the game, along with new research quests that will reward you with extra Poke Balls and other items.