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Play Pac-Man by waving your arms like a madman

It's tough as nails, but you can actually break a sweat playing Pac-Man with the Moff fitness band on your wrist.

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You can't walk ten feet in Las Vegas during the Consumer Electronics Show without someone nearly elbowing you in the gut -- but you've got to be particularly careful around the the developers of the Moff fitness band. There, attendees can play Pac-Man just by swinging their arms around. Naturally, I had to try it.

Playing Pac-Man with the Moff band.

Sean Hollister/CNET

How can you play Pac-Man just by waving your arms in the air? It's because the $55 Moff band (roughly £50 or AU$75 converted) doesn't just track steps -- it sends all the motions it detects with its internal inertial sensors (accelerometer and gyroscope) to your smartphone or tablet.

There, the Moff app turns them into reasonably complex arm motions, letting games see what you're doing with your body. (It's not precise enough to track fingers or wrists.)

But in Pac-Man (which, by the way, is the real Pac-Man game, officially produced by its owner Namco Bandai) you're basically just swinging your two arms together up, down, left, or right, to tell the famous yellow chompy pie-like creature to take a path up, down, left or right through the maze. It's DIFFICULT, but kind of hilarious to watch as you fail miserably.

The Moff Band attaches to your wrist just like a snap bracelet.

Sean Hollister/CNET

Or as I fail, in this case. I couldn't even input the commands fast enough to hunt down the enemy ghosts after I ate my first power pill.

And yes, I asked: Nobody at Moff has yet to beat Pac-Man this way. Nobody has reached the kill screen.