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Samsung's smartest fridge yet

Samsung's new Family Hub refrigerator is its most impressive and sophisticated yet. It connects to Amazon's voice assistant Alexa to query the cloud, as well as boasting a massive touchscreen to present information.

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Add sight to your lights

The new Toucan from Kuna is built transform any existing light fixture into one equipped with a security camera and motion sensor.


Here comes the solar stove

Why use chemical fuel when you can cook with star power? This hybrid electric grill heats food with either direct solar energy or via a solar-charged electric battery.

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A Big Ass Fan for the masses

Ceiling fan specialist Big Ass Fans is at it again, this time around with a fresh model that costs much less than its predecessor.

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The less invasive thermometer

If you're squeamish about sticking thermometers into your body cavities, meet your new best friend. The Withings Thermo measures heat at your temples, no poking necesssary.

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Silly name, serious cooking advice

The SmartyPans product might have a humorous-sounding name, but when it comes to providing real cooking lessons this Bluetooth-linked mobile app and skillet combo is all business.

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Smarter than the average Web camera

Here's a security camera which is billed to have more brains than ordinary connected webcams. The Netatmo Presence will supposedly know the difference between cars, people and animals to sniff out suspicious activity.

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Move over Nest Protect?

Meet First Alert's answer to the Nest Protect, the Smoke and CO Alarm. Compatible with Apple HomeKit, the device will have a 10-year battery and sophisticated photoelectric smoke sensors.

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A smart bed for better sleep

Wearable sleep trackers are great, but how about a whole mattress that measures your slumber? That's just what the Sleep Number is designed to do, and yes, its firmness is adjustable too.

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Android tablet meets smart thermostat

The Icon Smartech is an Android tablet designed to replace your existing heating and cooling controller. Through Wi-Fi, the Icon Home is supposed to be able to pull in temperature data and weather alerts in your area, as well as audio-based calendar reminders.

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Add connected brains to ordinary lights

Stuck with lots of dumb bulbs and light fixtures? No problem, since the iDevices Socket is billed to offer a slick solution to your non-connected woes.


Intelligent vents with filters, too

The new Keen Smart Filter promises to both filter dust and channel conditioned air to where you need it most.

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Pro security monitoring, DIY install

LG has partnered with home-security pro ADT which will support owners of the Smart Security device with professional, 24-7 monitoring.

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No more worrying about lost padlock keys

Communicating with smartphones via Bluetooth wireless connection, the Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlock uses your phone to open, rather than old fashioned physical keys.

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Catch leaks faster sans hub

Using a low-power implementation of Wi-Fi, the iDevices Delta doesn't need a hub to function and is designed to detect moisture before a full-blown flood.

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A Web-connected fridge from Whirlpool

Whirlpool unveiled a Web-connected refrigerator of its own at CES 2016. Called the Smart French Door Refrigerator, it not only links to Nest thermostats but is also designed to offer more food storage.

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