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Nintendo's $50 Poke Ball Plus: The ultimate gamepad for Pokemon Let's Go and Pokemon Go

Why yes, that IS a joystick in the center of the Poke Ball.

Sean Hollister Senior Editor / Reviews
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Sean Hollister
2 min read

The Poke Ball Plus.


Pokemon players often share a very simple dream. They want to throw the game's iconic Poke Ball to catch the cutesy video game creatures, instead of just pressing a button. That's what Nintendo's new Poke Ball Plus is all about.

It's a fully functional Bluetooth game controller, complete with joystick and buttons, designed to pair with the upcoming Pokemon Let's Go game for the  Nintendo Switch . You can "throw" the Poke Ball when it's time to catch Pokemon -- and when you do, you'll hear and feel the Pokemon inside thanks to a built-in speaker, vibrating motors and flashing lights. 


Also: It comes with a free legendary Pokemon to start: Mew.

Plus, it'll work as a hands-free way to play the Pokemon Go mobile game, too, because it doubles as a Pokemon Go Plus. (If you're still having a hard time finding that little gadget, this one does the same stuff.)

Today, we're finding out how much fulfilling that Poke Ball dream will cost: $50, £50 or AU$70 for the peripheral by its lonesome, or $100 (likely £100 or AU$130) bundled with a copy of Pokemon Let's Go. Preorders are already open, and it'll ship Nov. 16.

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