Final Fantasy 16 Trailer Reveals Summer 2023 PS5 Release Date, Epic Gameplay

The next installment in Square Enix's 35-year-old RPG series is scheduled to come out next year, and it looks ready to summon some trouble.

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Final Fantasy XVI Clive Rosfield

Clive Rosfield is Final Fantasy 16's main hero.

Square Enix

PlayStation's State of Play event finished up Thursday with an epic Final Fantasy 16 trailer, revealing that the Square Enix game is scheduled to come out on PS5 in summer 2023. It also gave us our first look at the RPG's gameplay, the action-oriented combat system and its summonable Eikons.

The Eikons will be familiar to fans of the series as the elemental beings that have traditionally been available to summon in battle. Each name is chanted in the trailer's music: Phoenix, Titan, Garuda, Ramuh, Shiva, Odin, Bahamut and Ifrit.

Final Fantasy 16 is set in the world of Valisthea, and you play as the sword-wielding Clive Rosfield -- who may be linked to Fire elemental Ifrit.

"Awaken child of fate, awaken Ifrit," says a rather conniving-sounding voice in the trailer's final moments.

The game was revealed during the original PS5 showcase in 2020, as one of the major exclusives for Sony's next-gen console. In December, Square Enix acknowledged that the game had been delayed by the pandemic.

It'll be the first mainline entry in the series since 2016's Final Fantasy 15, but fans haven't exactly been starved for adventures. Final Fantasy 15 got downloadable content until 2019, the incredible Final Fantasy 7 Remake came out in 2020, and MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 has received multiple expansions.

The series turns 35 this year. To mark the occasion, Square Enix created an anniversary website and started up a music-centric YouTube channel (which already has thousands of tracks). The series recently got two spinoffs: kart racer Chocobo GP and action-RPG Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

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