Tentacled Kraken d20 dice slither from the sea to your game

Roll your way through your next role-playing game with a set of creepy 20-sided dice that look like they crawled out of a dark and terrifying ocean.

Get crackin' with this Kraken die. Nvenom8

The world of d20 dice is vast and diverse, and if you've only ever experienced the dime-a-dozen plastic versions, you're missing out.

There are ancient Egyptian d20s, talking 3D-printed d20s and d20s made from the tusks of woolly mammoths.

Fans of grotesque sea-dwelling malicious deities will appreciate the Kraken d20, a tentacled spectacle of a d20 or 20-sided die, the kind made popular by Dungeons and Dragons and used in all sorts of role-playing games.

The Kraken was created by Nvenom8 Designs and made available to purchase through Shapeways, a 3D-printing marketplace.

You might remember Nvenom8's innovative three-sided die design from last year. The be-tentacled d20 is just as creative, but the wiggly limbs, open beaks and detailed suckers give it a delightfully creepy vibe suitable for any game you might describe as "Lovecraftian."

The die is quite the physical specimen, coming in at nearly 3 inches (7.1 centimeters) across.

The question of proper balance always comes up with unusual dice. You want each roll to be fair. Nvenom8 addresses this by writing that "the weight is evenly balanced on all versions, and the numbers are arranged identically to the arrangement in a standard 'random' d20. This basically means that your result should be random, and no factor about the die itself will influence the result."

The dice are available to order in a variety of materials and finishes ranging from purple plastic to stainless steel. The metals top out at $49.99 (about £32, AU$68), while the plastic versions cost $14.99 (about £10, AU$20).

Now all I need is a six-sided rendition of the Kraken for use with Eldritch Horror and I can be a happy Mythos-dwelling adventurer saving the world one tentacled roll at at a time.