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This 3D-printed three-sided die is a work of modern art

If you're a dice completist, then you might want to add this beautiful three-sided die to your collection of rolling numbered objects.

Three-sided dice
The prettiest D3 you will ever see. Nvenom8

It's not often tabletop gamers need to roll a D3, or three-sided die, but it does sometimes happen, like when you have a weak weapon or spell that does small damage. You can roll a six-sided die and modify the count, or you can be a true dice-rolling warrior and pull out a real three-sided die.

There are already some three-sided dice on the market. Some look like weird beans. Others are just six-sided dice with the numbers 1, 2, and 3 simply appearing twice. Shapeways user Nvenom8 has come up with a truly gorgeous D3, made possible by 3D printing.

The Modern Art D3 features three curving sections that meet at two ends. Hashmarks give the numbers. You roll it like a regular die and read the hashmarks that point up when it comes to a stop. The open-air design looks like what would have happened if famed architect Frank Gehry had applied himself to creating a D3.

Nvenom8 has been fielding questions about the die on Reddit, offering these suggestions for its use: "It works well as a fate die (+,-,0) or for a whip, shield bash from a light spiked shield or heavy shield, caltrops, and a bunch of the small versions of weapons."

The Modern Art D3 can be ordered in a variety of materials. The most basic black or white plastic version runs $11.42. If you want to get fancy with it, you can move all the way up to premium sterling silver for $80.92. Check out the rolling demo below to see how it functions on a real tabletop.