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HolidayBuyer's Guide

Step it up with a d20 doormat

Clean up after a battle

Bake a d20 cake

Dress up with dice cufflinks

Giant d20 die decor

Chill your whiskey with a cold d20

Ancient Egyptian d20 die

Ancient d20 die 3D-printed replica

Take a sip from a d20 mug

Fancy d20 in stainless steel

Cuddle up to a d20

You're passionate about RPGs. You dream in Dungeons & Dragons. Might as well surrender to your hobby and decorate your home with d20 dice gear to let all your visitors know where your heart is.

Start by greeting your comrades with a d20 doormat. This ThinkGeek-exclusive rug is smartly situated with the 20 prominently placed on top. That means you'll be greeted by a high roll every time you step across your threshold.

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Etsy, the Web's handmade craft haven, offers plenty of d20 dice items to add some flair to your gaming lair. This set of four d20 dice soaps from seller WizardAtWork will help clean the gaming stains off your hands after a hard-fought campaign. They come in a variety of scents ranging from absinthe to root beer.

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The snacks at your next tabletop gaming session should be just as epic as your dice-fueled adventures. This d20 cake pan from ThinkGeek is made from silicone and will help you create delicious edible dice. Eat your dessert plain or frost it and decorate it with icing numbers.

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Few things are more beautiful than gamers in love. Rise to the occasion of your Dungeons & Dragon-themed wedding with these custom d20 dice cufflinks from Etsy seller followthechris. Even if you're not getting married, you can still get dressed up for your next gaming session and intimidate your enemies with your snazzy fashion sense.

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A lot of d20 dice are beautiful little works of art that shine like tiny jewels. Super-size the look with this giant d20 die from Etsy seller InnerGeekOuterBeauty. The acrylic die is available in colors such as red, fluorescent pink and purple. Put it on your mantle to make a gaming decor statement.

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Go ahead. Put on your velvet robe and house slippers. Sit in your wingback chair. Play a round of Dungeons & Dragons while sipping on a well-aged whisky chilled down with an ice cube in the shape of a d20. ThinkGeek's lineup of d20 gear includes a silicone ice mold in the shape of your favorite die.

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A fascinating piece of gaming history resides in the archives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This ancient d20 die is made from serpentine and dates back to around 304 B.C. to 30 B.C. You can't have this particular die for your personal collection, but you can get a 3D-printed replica (see next page).

Caption by / Photo by Metropolitan Museum of Art

Since you can't have the Metropolitan Museum of Art's ancient Egyptian d20 die for yourself, you'll have to settle for this 3D-printed replica from Cornerstone Gaming on Shapeways. You can order it in a variety of finishes, ranging from sandstone to sterling silver.

Caption by / Photo by Cornerstone Gaming

Every morning can be a gaming morning when you pour your coffee or tea into a red 12-ounce ceramic mug shaped like a d20 die. The top holds a lid with a little handle to complete the look. It's part of ThinkGeek's exclusive collection of d20 gear for your home.

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The magic of 3D printing brings us this attractive take on the d20 die. The rollable work of art comes from Etsy seller MyTinyTokens and is made from stainless steel, giving it some heft. The die is balanced so it can actually be used for gaming.

Caption by / Photo by MyTinyTokens

D20 dice may be handy when you're battling dragons and trolls, but they're not very cuddly after the fight. What you need is a d20 die pillow that's plush enough to accompany you into your sweet gaming dreams. This pillow comes from Etsy seller ladykatiecrafts and is 26 inches around, making it a good size for snuggling.

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