Battlefield 5's E3 trailers are dramatic, but don't show much

EA promised to give fans more details about Battlefield 5 at E3, but so far they've been nothing but a tease.

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EA teased us with a brief Battlefield 5 trailer last month. Then, at their own EA Play event at E3, they dropped just the barest of new details, promising to reveal more at Microsoft's Xbox One event the next day. Today is that next day, and DICE just left fans hanging again -- showing little more than another brief tease.

In a short story trailer for one of the game's single-player War Stories, EA teased the beginning of a "Nordly's War Story" with some quiet narration and hauntingly dramatic scenes... but nothing else.
So far, the game's E3 reveal has been nothing but a series of coy teases.

The original reveal wasn't much different. Fans were frustrated that they didn't see much real gameplay, and confused if the characters they were seeing in the trailer were supposed to be historically accurate, or if they were part of the new customizable multiplayer character creator.

The developers came to EA's E3 press conference promising to address those questions directly. But then they didn't.

On the stage, the team did show off a brief preview of how the game has taken destructible environments to the next level, and showed players that they'll be able to move artillery and other previously stationary defense weapons using vehicles. Unfortunately, however, that was about all they showed.

The team said the game is getting its own unique "Battle Royale" mode -- because of course it is -- and promised that it would be a unique spin on the concept... but didn't give any details as to how it was going to set itself apart from games like PUBG or Fortnite .


Today's reveal of the "War Stories" format established in Battlefield 1 also stopped just short of showing it actual gameplay. Hopefully, we'll see some actual footage of this game in action before E3 ends.

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