CNET Asks: Has Fortnite taken over your life?

This video game sensation is still growing in popularity. Let us know how it has impacted you!

Nicolas Towner
2 min read
Epic Games

Hello all! I'm Nicolas Towner and I'm the new summer intern here at CNET. School's out for the summer, the stress of finals has come and gone, and while others are looking forward to warm summer days and cold drinks on ice; I personally am looking forward to the endless days of video game binging, and for me that means more Fortnite .

Fortnite's Battle Royale game mode has seen its popularity grow exponentially in a relatively short time, and it is in fact gearing up to grow even larger. In addition to their announcement of an Android release this summer, there are also rumblings of a potential Nintendo Switch release, as rumored to be announced on next week's E3. This news, as well as news of complete cross-platform play to be in the works, has the gaming community at large preparing for even more Fortnite in our lives. Are you prepared for this, or will you be missing out?

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We have all at some point in our lives experienced a "fear of missing out" (FOMO) moment. Whether it was going out with friends , that really cool concert you wanted to see, the new Marvel movie, or really anything under the sun. For myself in particular however, the FOMO was strongest while away at school and not being able to gear up on squad play in Fortnite. Have you all found this to be true? Do you too suffer from FOMO? The fear of missing out has dissipated now that summer is finally here, yet I find that during my time off, the talent gap has widened significantly. Everyone seems to have gotten better at this game. Whether it's faster building, shooting more accurately, updates that I'm unaware of, or just all-around game skills. If I want to continue to fend off my FOMO, I'll have to get up to speed or be banished from playing squad due to lack of contribution.

While this is just my personal experience, we here at CNET are dying to know how Fortnite has affected your life. Have you been getting less sleep? Seeing friends and family less frequently? Noticing a decline in your bank account? Or have you just been bombarded by social media coverage? Participate in our poll below and let us know! Don't see an answer to your liking? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.