XYZprinting da Vinci Nano is a 3D printer for the masses

The revamped compact printer -- just $229 -- is at CES 2018 and will arrive in 2018, along with a new 3D pen and a full-color FFF 3D printer.

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The da Vinci Nano 3D printer is made for families, schools and other entry-level users.


With the da Vinci Nano, XYZprinting says it lowered the two barriers that have slowed 3D printer adoption: price and ease of use. 

At $229 (approximately AU$290 or £170) it's certainly priced right for a portable single-color 3D printer. Features such as autocalibration and an autofeeding filament system make for simple setup. The Nano is fully enclosed, too, to protect you from high heat levels while it prints objects as large as 4.7 inches (11.9 cm) square.

The company announced a version of the Nano at CES 2017 that never made it to market. This revamped version being shown at CES 2018 -- and expected to ship in early 2018 -- adds improvements such as a mobile app with the option to wirelessly print from a tablet and, eventually, a phone. It will be bundled with software to help get you started, but XYZprinting expects to launch a microsite with educational materials for home and school users in 2018 as well.   

To get younger kids interested in 3D printing, XYZprinting also announced the $45 da Vinci 3D Pen Cool. Unlike its past 3D pens, the Cool has a temperature modification to make it safer. 

Joining those is the da Vinci Color AiO, a $3,999 full-color, fused filament fabrication (FFF) desktop 3D printer with full-color scanning made for small businesses. It uses a combination of inkjet and color-absorbing PLA filament for creating any color filament you may need, at a fraction of the cost of other multicolor printers. XYZ expects it to be available mid-2018. 

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