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When PCs play dress-up

It's no secret: Not everyone is thrilled with the typical PC's boxy look. Some people have tried something different.

It's no secret: Not everyone is thrilled with the beige, boxy look of the typical desktop, or the assembly-line style of the average laptop. Some people have taken the initiative to try something different.

Notebook maker Asus is wrapping laptops in carbon fiber, aluminum, leather and Lamborghini.
February 24, 2006

PC looks like a giant iPod

Computer shell design resembles Apple's iconic music player, right down to the scroll wheel and a backlight.
Photos: A PC or a giant iPod?
February 23, 2006

In his spare time, database consultant Dean Liou makes concept PCs shaped like guitars, hearts and toilets.
February 10, 2006

Yearning for color on laptops

Black and gray may dominate the choices for many machines, but options are growing for people bored with plain old PCs.
Photos: Modded laptops
January 30, 2006

Intel likes a touch of suede

Chipmaker sees virtues--and maybe profits--in veering away from "monotone grays and blacks" for laptops.
Photos: Intel's touchy-feely laptop
Computer makers with no fashion sense
November 30, 2005

Not satisfied with a candle-powered jack-o'-lantern? Neither were some tech folks at the University of Arkansas.
October 31, 2005

The Force is strong with these game PCs

Specialty PC maker Alienware crafts "Star Wars" desktops in "light side" and "dark side" versions.
Photos: Unlearn what you have learned
April 19, 2005

Leather laptops coming soon

Don't put a coffee cup on that laptop. With its fancy exterior, it might leave a ring. Dow Chemical and Tulip partner on tech fashion.
Photos: Luxurious laptops
March 15, 2005

Behold the $55,000 PC

Start-up Truvia is working with custom-furniture makers to produce one-of-a-kind PCs that hide out in fancy furniture.
Photos: Hide-and-seek PCs
January 12, 2005

Photos: The art of being a Mac fan

"The Cult of Mac," recently released by No Starch Press, illustrates a culture of Apple Computer devotees still very alive.
December 14, 2004

Photos: A PC in the toaster? How mod!

There's also room in the humidor and the Darth Vader helmet. Take a gander at some strange and wonderful creations.
November 19, 2004

Dimmer fades on desk-lamp iMac

It may have been "flat-out cool," but "flat" also describes sales of the just-discontinued second-generation iMac.
July 2, 2004

Designer PCs strut their stuff

To spice up its Intel Developer Forum, Intel holds a PC "fashion show"--a preview of computers that use the Pentium III.
February 23, 1999